But why help them? Here are 6 reasons!

6 Reasons to Help Birds This Winter

Of course, you already know that not all birds migrate south once winter arrives. We know that since we can see several species throughout the cold season.

But while it is true that these birds have developed natural ways of surviving, it remains a challenge.

But why help them? Here are 6 reasons!


1. Because They Have Access to Less Variety

In the winter, bird food becomes scarce. Few or no fruit, few or no insects and fewer seeds.


 2. Because the Seeds Are Less Edible During Winter

While there are, of course, a few seeds that are still accessible to our flying friends, there are much less, and when they do find some, they may be wet because of the snow. And moist bird seeds become practically inedible due to the growth of bacteria.


3. Because the Days Are Shorter

In winter, the days are shorter, which gives much less time for birds to hunt and search for food. It doesn’t sound like much, but it can make a huge difference.


4. Because the Water Is Frozen

It’s no secret; during winter, the lakes and rivers are frozen. When birds lose their source for water, they also lose the minerals it contains.


5. Because Predators Are Hungry

Do you store your feeder(s) when the weather gets cold? It would be beneficial to leave them outside to continue to feed the winter birds.


If the birds cannot find feeders, which are usually placed high and sheltered, they will be forced to find their food elsewhere, such as places exposed to various predators (squirrels, raccoons, etc.)


6. Because Birds Are Important

We owe it to the birds to help them because they are important to our environment. Some of them are responsible for a (small) percentage of pollination and they also provide pest management, chasing away insects and small rodents.


How can you help them?

Find out in our recent article in which we explain how and what to feed the different species of winter birds in Quebec.

Read the article: https://mpigeons.com/what-are-the-winter-birds-in-quebec/?lang=en 

Even though our job is to find ways to keep birds away, both summer and winter, the fact remains that we do not wish them any harm and our methods are gentle.


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