La première étape lors d’une intervention est d’identifier les coupables.

The nuisance birds of Quebec

Have you noticed the presence of birds near your home or business? In addition to the inconvenience that their presence can cause, their excrement can cause damage to your property and represent a risk to your health and that of those around you. This is why it is important to act quickly!

The first step in an intervention is to identify the culprits. We have several pest birds in Quebec. Here is a list of the main culprits along with useful information about them.



The pigeon is probably the most common pest bird in Quebec. They often come in groups and can cause a lot of damage. Being very acidic, their droppings can significantly damage surrounding surfaces. They can contain a variety of bacteria, fungi, nematodes, etc. harmful to health. Pigeons can also be carriers of several viral brain diseases.


The herring gull

In urban areas, you will mainly find gulls near restaurant chains. They can become extremely loud and aggressive when asking for food, in addition to being a serious food safety problem. It may take some time to sort out a problem like this, but once fixed they usually won’t come back.


The crow

Crows live in flocks and are known for the noise pollution they generate. Usually living in the countryside, it is more and more frequent to meet crows in the city. They sometimes lodge in chimneys or other cavities and feed in the drains causing damage.



Starlings sometimes make their nests in the air outlets of clothes dryers, stoves or ventilation systems. They like to settle in the cavities of buildings. They defile the environment around their nest and their irritating cries can become disturbing.

The Sparrow

Like starlings, sparrows like to nest in cavities and ventilation ducts in homes and buildings. They sometimes cause problems for wheat and grain crops in rural areas because of their diet. They can sometimes enter food facilities, warehouses and businesses and contaminate merchandise. Their droppings can contain a variety of bacteria, fungi, nematodes, etc. harmful to health. They are often carriers of Saint-Louis encephalitis and certain parasites that can bite humans.


Canada geese

The barnacle is a migratory bird. When they return to Quebec, they usually settle near bodies of water such as lakes, rivers or ponds. Traveling in groups, they can sometimes become invasive.


The swallows

It is important to know that swallows are protected under the Federal Migratory Birds Convention Act 1994. For this reason, the interventions must be carried out before the month of April or after the month of September ideally. They are very stubborn birds and they often attempt to return to the premises on several occasions. They produce a lot of excrement which can stain surrounding materials.

Obviously, some bird species are more harmful than others. To prevent the problem from coming back, it is better to call in experts for the management of pest birds. Our team is trained to remedy the situation effectively, while respecting the environment and birds.