If left to their own devices, these birds can damage the business itself.

How to get rid of birds on your commercial roof?

For many brick-and-mortar businesses, birds nesting on their commercial roof can create serious problems. Whether it’s their acidic excrements damaging the roof, their nests cluttering gutters and ventilation ducts, or their piercing shrieks and territorial aggressiveness disturbing employees, one thing is clear: if left to their own devices, these birds can damage the business itself.

So, how to get rid of birds on a commercial roof?


Laws in place


In reality, removingbird nests on your commercial roof can be difficult because of the laws in place. Indeed, the 1994 Migratory Birds Convention Act prohibits the displacement of migratory birds, their nests or their eggs without possessing a special licence.

This is why we strongly recommend to verify with local authorities before undertaking such works, or better yet: let the professionals take care of it!


Make the roof as unwelcoming as possible


A plethora of methods to prevent birds from nesting exists. Their efficiency varies, and each system has its strengths and weaknesses.

Some examples of such systems are the bird net, the electrified system, the “bird wire” and many others.

Since a great variety of systems exists, it’s important to properly know each system as well as its application.

However, an efficient application of the right system will make your roof unwelcoming for birds, and they will not nest on it. No nest, no problem!


Nothing beats a professional


We can then see that getting rid of birds on a commercial roof is more complex than climbing up on the roof wielding a broom! Knowing the laws in place and knowing the anti-bird systems as well as knowing which one is the most appropriate for your problem is not only a complex task, but a time-consuming one, without being necessarily efficient.

This is why for your bird problems, you need a professional like Monsieur Pigeons!

Knowing birds like the back of our hand since 1988, we’re equipped to make your life easier and without worry! We regularly test our systems and we do our own research on their efficiency to guarantee you durable results!

So, save yourself time and save yourself the headaches and contact usnow! Our advisors will be happy to help you resume your operations without any interruptions.