We encourage a harmonious relationship between you and the birds of your neighbourhood.
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What are the winter birds in Quebec?

While many species migrate in winter, it is possible to observe certain types of birds in your backyard. At Monsieur Pigeons, even if our work consists in displacing groups of birds, we have their well-being at heart, especially during the winter period. During this season, food is more scarce. Which is why we encourage a harmonious relationship between you and the birds of your neighbourhood. By feeding the birds, you can attract species that cause no harm to your environment. Here is some relevant information concerning the different winter birds in Quebec, species observable during the cold season and how to live in harmony with them.


A bird feeder for winter, where to start?

A lot of people ask the question. Yet, there’s nothing simpler than to have a bird feeder in one’s backyard to observe many species of birds. However, you need to take good care of it. To know about the different bird feeder models out there, click here!

If you’re considering installing a bird feeder when colder temperatures settle in, removing it abruptly is not a good idea. Birds will have gotten used to coming back to this spot to feed. You need to take into account the fact that food is scarcer during winter and many individuals won’t even make it through winter. If you commit to offer them food, you need to ideally do it for the cold season as well.

Here are some tips to maintain your bird feeder, as listed in this article from La Presse (French):

  1. Protect the ground under the feeder with a tarp before the first snow. You can remove it in April during the thawing;
  2. Regularly empty out and clean the bird feeder to prevent diseases from spreading;
  3. Wear gloves when you manipulate food bags and the feeder itself;
  4. Don’t neglect the importance of a clean water basin;
  5. There exists a wide variety of bird feeder models. It’s also very easy to make one yourself. Be creative!;
  6. If you have a large population of rodents in your neighbourhood, consider an anti-squirrel model.

Other products such as wild bird suet, multigrain bread, peanuts (raw and unsalted), crushed almonds, millet, oat and decomposing fruits can also be popular among many species of birds.


The 10 most common winter birds in Quebec

There are hundreds of bird species in Quebec. Each one has particular tastes and diets. Moreover, some of them can vary according to your location (city, suburb, countryside, etc.).

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most frequently observed birds in winter in Quebec as well as their preferred foods. You can then choose which types you want to attract in your bird feeder.

  1. Black-capped chickadee: black sunflower seeds;
  2. White-breasted nuthatch: Black sunflower seeds and suet
  3. Common chaffinch: Black sunflower seeds;
  4. Northern cardinal: Black sunflower seeds;
  5. Blue jay: Black sunflower seeds and crushed corn;
  6. American goldfinch: Nyjer seeds;
  7. Common redpoll: Nyjer seeds and birch seeds;
  8. Brown creeper: Suet;
  9. Cedar waxwing: Fruits from the cedar tree;
  10. Pileated woodpecker: Sunflower seeds, nuts and fruits.


Enjoy the beauty of the birds

You are now ready to observe Quebec birds this winter. By properly maintaining your bird feeder and by attracting the birds that you want to attract, you’ll have a beautiful display every day. You could even decide to buy binoculars to fully take advantage of it! If you have kids, it’s a nice activity to do it as a family! At Monsieur Pigeons, we work in harmony with the fauna and the flora, and we hope to share with you our love of our friends the birds!