Choose a professional service for a remarkable result

Why choose a professional bird control service?

Traps to avoid

CD hanger, windmill, fake cat’s head, plastic owls and more! Many more homemade tips exists to scare away the birds that roam around your house and destroy your garden! WARNING! Remember, these are all myths! Instead, choose our solutions to permanently control the birds that disturb you!

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So you absolutely need a physical barrier to prevent birds from coming back to torment you. To better understand, imagine that one day you arrive at your house and the front door is barricaded. You will then find other ways to enter such as through windows. However, if all the locks are changed and you now perceive your home as a danger, then you will have no choice but to find another place to live. The same goes for birds!


The best solution

We use different systems to control animals depending on your environment, but the most effective is still the polyethylene net! With 100% efficiency, this super stretchy net returns to its original shape when a pigeon tries to pass through it. It is impossible to break! In addition of being waterproof and flameproof, this net is quite discreet. You can finally enjoy your outdoors as it should.

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The 3 levels to consider

Before choosing a system to control birds, you necessary need to evaluate the behavior of the latter. Three levels are to be considered:

  1. The bird perches only on the roof or in an unwanted place;
  2. It begins to return regularly to the same place and begins to make its nest;
  3. The bird has been there for a while and has started to lay eggs.

Obviously, our procedures are not the same depending on the level established. For example, bird pickers are not effective enough if the bird in question has started to build a nest. Do not worry, our team is able to come and visit the premises before installing your system to offer you the ideal solution according to your situation!


A clean and efficient result

It is important to emphasize that at the end of each installation, we make sure that the site is cleaned and disinfected before leaving the premises. Since bird droppings contain ammonia, it is essential that no traces remain in our path. Why? Because they can, in the long run, damage the life of your materials. We therefore properly dispose of nest and droppings residues, because we cannot throw them in the garbage.

With the arrival of summer, finally enjoy your home without being disturbed by any bird! Now have a garden, balcony or roof that is clean and devoid of the tough guys. Contact our team at Monsieur Pigeons now! We will be happy to offer you the solution to meet your needs.