Bird nets

bird net on housing balcony

Polyethyene net

The installation of a polyethylene net is the most effective solution to prevent birds from accessing a place when the installation is done properly.

This net is the best quality that can be found on the market for bird control. It is 12/6 knotted polyethylene, stable against UV rays to give it a durability of more than 10 years when properly installed. This rot-proof mesh is waterproof, chemically inert, flame retardant and stable in extreme temperatures. Its resistance is 52 pounds per strand.

The net is available in 2 colors: Black and Stone

The net is available in 2 mesh sizes: 2 ’’ to protect against pigeons and gulls and ¾ ’’ to protect against all types of birds (sparrows, swallows, pigeons, etc.)

Stock nets are sold in the following sizes:

25’x25’ ; 25’x50’ ; 50’x50’ ; 50’x100’.

Custom cuts are also possible.

Polypropylene net

This net is made of black high density polypropylene which is treated against UV rays. After several experiments, we can confirm that it is a temporary and not permanent net.

This net tends to dry over the long term (+/- 2 years) 
and detaches from its anchors leaving a few holes to allow the birds to return.  If you want a permanent solution, it is better to opt for a polyethylene net.

bird mesh net

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