Electrified system

We have two kinds of solution to your bird invasion. Method # 1: Monsieur Pigeons (patent) and method # 2: Flexible electrified bands.

electric anti-bird system

Monsieur Pigeons

The electric pulse system is a system designed and manufactured by our team (Patent pending in the United States and Canada).  It is a unique system that has proven itself over the years.

The system operates using an energizer (CSA-CSA approved) which transmits, at regular intervals, an electrical pulse to stainless steel wires installed on insulators. This provides a high degree of conductivity, very high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. This system is very effective in the long term.

This system is installed on several churches, schools and historic buildings in Greater Montreal.

Electrified flexible bands

These bands are manufactured by American suppliers, there are several types on the market, all equivalent. These are strips made of PVC treated against UV rays. Corrosion-resistant copper wires are sewn on top of the bands. Several colors are available. On the market for several years, these bands have met a need, however, we have experienced several limitations over the years. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it.

electrified anti-pigeon system

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