System to avoid

(Ultrasound, laser, owl, balloon, optical gel)

Here is a list of systems to avoid that have not proven themselves over the years.

If you have questions about the different systems, contact us to discuss them. It will be our pleasure to advise you to the best of our experience.

laser anti-pigeon system
  • System 1 Ultrasound

Pigeons and birds hear at the same frequency as humans. This is why these higher frequency systems have no impact on the birds’ way of life.

  • System 2 Laser

After a few attempts, the pigeons had no reaction to this system. We could see some movements in the evening, but no impact during the day. We are still trying to continue our testing.

  • System 3 Visual deterrence

Visual systems such as owls or balloons work only for the very short term. Pigeons get used to it very quickly and end up standing on objects.

  • System 4 Optical gel

It is a system that is put forward by suppliers, but we have not had good results. To carry out work, you need a lot of equipment, the visual impact is very high and the results are not there.

bird scarecrow

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